Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pricing and Reimbursement in the US - Non-LIS Beneficiaries Not Covered by Medicare Coverage Gap to Gain from Reduction

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the healthcare system, and pricing and reimbursement process in the US with key data, information and analysis of pricing and reimbursement decisions across the US. The report closely scrutinizes major changes in pharmaceuticals-related pricing and reimbursement in the US in the recent past and the impact these changes will have in the future. It also describes the efforts taken by the US government and private sector in shaping the pricing and reimbursement policies of brand name and generic drugs. The pricing and reimbursement scenario in some of the major therapy areas of the US has been described with the help of informative case studies.

Detailed study of the healthcare systems in the US.
Political, economical, social and technological analysis of the US pharmaceutical industry.
Analysis of the pricing and reimbursement mechanisms in the US.
Key trends that follow from the recent changes brought about in the pricing and reimbursement system.
Build an understanding of the possible major challenges that may arise due to the changes in the pricing and reimbursement scene in the US.
Insight into various reimbursement programs in the US with case studies.
Particular focus on the pricing and reimbursement in major therapy areas with case studies.

Pricing and Reimbursement in US Pharmaceuticals Market

Published: February 2012
No. of Pages: 75
Price: Single User License – US$3500    Corporate User License – US$10500 
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Reasons to buy
Build an understanding of the pharmaceuticals-related key pricing and reimbursement mechanisms in the US.
Optimize your investment through identification and understanding of the changes in the pharmaceuticals regulatory mechanism in the US.
Develop effective business strategies related to new drug launches through the analytical insight gained from key trends in the pricing and reimbursement scene of the US.
Improve negotiations with the government agencies to maximize reimbursement of drugs by understanding the mechanisms involved.

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