Monday, 28 November 2011

The Market Outlook for Refurbished Medical Devices to 2016

Published: November 2011
No. of Pages: 88
Price: $ 3835
This report gives a thorough analysis of the refurbished medical devices market segment. The regulatory environment for refurbished devices is assessed in 92 countries. Opportunities within this market are assessed by device type and by country. A thorough analysis of who the end users for refurbished devices are and what their demands are, with strategies and best practices for growth discussed.

• Analyze the forecast size of the refurbished medical devices market through to 2016.
• Understand the drivers and resistors of the uptake of refurbished medical devices in public and private settings.
• Compare and understand the regulatory environments for refurbished medical devices in 92 countries and discover the key opportunities in them.
• Analyze the various market segments that make up the refurbished devices market and understand what is affecting them.
• Assess who the key end-users are for refurbished medical devices and how they make decisions on which devices to purchase.

• Small hospitals with bed sizes of up to 200 represent the largest end-user segment for refurbished medical devices. This is followed by private practitioners and clinics that purchase over 30% of the total refurbished medical devices sold globally.
• The US is the largest market for refurbished medical devices. One of the dominant market drivers for refurbished medical devices in the US is the presence of a large private healthcare sector consisting of large private hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. In contrast growth opportunities in western European markets are limited.
• Several vendors of high-end refurbished medical devices are now looking to offer 0% leasing finance for hospitals. It is an attractive option for end users as they only need to sign a few documents and make a small down payment before the equipment is installed at 0% interest rates.

• How big are the opportunities within the refurbished medical devices market, and which countries present the best opportunities?
• Which countries allow the import and sale of refurbished medical devices?
• How do the EU and US regulate refurbished medical devices and what are their requirements?
• Which segments of this market have the greatest sales potential?
• Who are the key end-users of refurbished medical devices and what are their needs and requirements?

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