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China Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on IVD, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Markets

Published: October2011
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China’s rapid economic development and numerous steps of reform undertaken by the Chinese central government since 1997 had clear and observable effects upon China’s total healthcare services market and product markets for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and in vitro diagnostics (IVD). This progress has been augmented by a Reform program in 2009, including increased funding, to improve services.

What are the workings of China's healthcare system? How much progress has been made towards the promised vision of the CPCC in 2008 to provide "convenient and affordable access" to its people? What are the effects on foreign companies seeking to benefit from an increase in healthcare-related funding? Where are the best opportunities in China for marketers. Analyst Emil Salazar focuses on these questions.

The report China Healthcare Reform Impact contains a comprehensive overview of the Chinese healthcare system with important data for marketers to China. It discusses healthcare reform plans and where funds were spent. It also describes the role foreign companies play. As part of its analysis, the report includes the following information:
• Statistics on Chinese Hospitals, Community Health Centers and Clinics
• Top and Bottom City Markets for Urban Healthcare
• Top and Bottom Rural Regions
• Challenges for Foreign-Owned MNCs in China
• Government Healthcare Spending
• Foreign-Invested Manufacturing Enterprises in China
• Share of Government Funded Healthcare vs. Out of Pocket
• Domestic Healthcare Industries
• Population and Age Statistics
• Incidence Rates for Infectious Diseases
• Cancer Rates in China
• Regulation of Drugs and Devices in China
• U.S. Product Exports to China
• Key Analyst Conclusions

In addition to providing useful background information and a thorough analysis of China's healthcare changes, the report China Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on IVD, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Markets provides data for business planning. The report also takes a look at the status and forecast of the three key healthcare markets in China:
• The Chinese Market for IVD products
• Regional Breakout of Chinese IVD Market (Eastern, Northern, Central, Southern, Southwestern, Northwestern, Northeastern)
• The Chinese Market for Medical Device Products
• Regional Breakout of Chinese Medical Device Market (Eastern, Northern, Central, Southern, Southwestern, Northwestern, Northeastern)
• Segment Breakout of Chinese Medical Device Market(Surgical Instrument, Disposable, Patient Monitoring, IVD, Imaging, Orthopedic, Other)
• The Chinese Market for Pharmaceutical Products
• Regional Breakout of Pharmaceutical Market(Eastern, Northern, Central, Southern, Southwestern, Northwestern, Northeastern)
• Segment Breakout of Pharmaceutical Market (Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Anti-Infectives, Neurotherapeutics, Oncology, Respiratory, Other)
This essential resource for anyone marketing a healthcare product to China was constructed using a combination of primary and secondary sources. Corporate reports, trade publications government information and medical journals, previous market research studies conducted by Kalorama and other sources were used. In some cases, interviews were used to determine forecasts and key trends.

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