Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Medical Imaging Markets: Image-Guided Surgery

Published: August 2011
No. of Pages:130
Price: $ 3500

Imaging technology used to diagnose illness and injury is increasingly being used to assist surgeons complete procedures. Interventional radiology or image-guided surgery involves the use of a real-time correlation of the operative field to preoperative imaging data that reflect the precise location of a surgical instrument to the surrounding anatomical structures. Preoperative scans from different imaging modalities provide additional diagnostic information. These scans can help a surgeon assess the adequacy of a repair.

As the number of minimally invasive surgical procedures has increased, though, other imaging modalities have been applied to address the limitations of x-rays and fluoroscopy. Computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and molecular imaging have provided the information required to plan and perform complex interventions inside the body without the need for direct open visual inspection by a surgeon.

Kalorama Information's Medical Imaging Markets: Image-Guided Surgery provides insight into the use of imaging to assist surgical performance, with procedure and market data for the US, Europe, Asia and ROW for the following modalities:
• X-Ray Fluoroscopy
• CT
• Ultrasound
The report also provides revenue and procedure numbers based on procedures completed.

The following companies active in this field are profiled:
• B K Medical
• Brainlab AG
• Compass International Innovations
• Curexo Technology Corp.
• Elekta AB
• GE Healthcare
• Image Guided Therapy
• Imris
• Integra Lifesciences Holdings
• Medtronic
• NDS Surgical Imaging
• Philips Healthcare
• Siemens Healthcare
• SiteSelect Inc.
• Smith & Nephew plc
• St. Jude Medical Inc.
• Stryker Corp.
• SurgiVision Inc.
• Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc.
• TrueVision Systems
• Ultrasonix Medical Corp.
• Xograph Healthcare Ltd.
• Varian Medical Systems Inc.
• Vital Images Inc.
• Zimmer

The report also examines trends in the industry, including:
• Partnering for Image-Guided Surgery
• Improved Vascular Guidance
• Image-Guided Biopsies on the Rise
• Radiologists’ Role Increases
• Reducing Radiation Exposure
• Reducing Shoulder Pain
• Improving Spinal Surgery Outcomes
• Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
• Greater Use of Needle Biopsies
• MIS Lateral Approach Platform
• Image and Robotic Guidance
• MR-Guided Ultrasound

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